Sanding & Refinishing

Sand and finish your floors, bring them back to their natural beauty. Before the engineered wood floors, laminates and now LVT's, real wood floors were installed, we call them solids. Whether they are prefinished or site finished, under the now worn out finish, the wood is still good. If your house has one of the many solid wood floors sold over the last century or more, they have a chance to become beautiful again for a fraction of the price of a new floor installed.

Floor Installation

If your home was built in the last part of the 20th century it may have come with the standard dust collector wall to wall carpet. If this is the case and or you just want a change in the style of your existing floors Marvin H. Lott & Son installs site finished wood floors in many widths, styles and woods, from Oak‘s, Walnut's, Maple or even pine and with site finished floors the color and finish pallet can be customized to your liking. If you want to keep it simple there are many pre-finished choices from traditional wood floors in solid or engineered to hand scraped oak, hickory or maple in many colors and styles. You may want to go towards a laminate or an LVT (luxury vinyl tile), Marvin H. Lott & Son offers many colors and styles as these are the products of today’s generation.

Stairs & Risers

Have your stairs worn out over the years of traffic, from the kids running up and down and that family pet chasing after them scratching the first 2 treads as they dig there claws in to make that high speed turn. Bring their original beauty back by having them sanded and finished. It took years of family life to be in this worn condition and it will only take days to bring them back to their original luster.

Other Services

Marvin H. Lott & Son offers many services with your flooring needs, Carpet removal, shoe molding, primed or stained to match your floor, dustless systems to keep the dust to a minimum when refinishing your floors and flush mount wood vents to blend with your floors.

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How much does it cost?

Flooring costs vary based on room sizes, shapes and materials used. We have numerous options available for customers with different budgets. Call us today so we may provide you with a solid estimate for your unique project.

How long does refinishing take?

A job with a single room takes 3-4 days, depending on the color chosen. Finishing an entire floor usually takes around a week to complete. Each job is unique and project timing varies.

Is it a messy process?

We have vacuums that hook up to most of our machines and we cover openings with plastic to minimize dust. Most of our finishes are oil based and there are fumes and dry times associated with them. We do offer water based finishes that have less fumes and dry faster. Oil based finishes bring out the beauty in wood flooring better than water based finishes do.

Do we need to move out during the process?

Commonly for 1-2 rooms you will not need to move out. Fumes affect everyone differently so it's a good idea to have somewhere else to go if necessary. When sanding and finishing a large space, we recommend having another place to stay only during the finishing process.

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